PYXIS ELIT Digital Signage

We operate total of 192 Digital Signage in malls and petrol station with total of  21-24 Million monthly visitor.

Why Digital Signage is Effective?

Vibrant & Creative

Flexibility with programmatic & full video
ads as well as on the fly content changes

Trackable Analytics

Proprietary audience analytics based on
facial recognition tracking for mall network

Huge Network

Over 40 locations in Klang Valley
and Penang with 192 digital signage

Digital Screen

With a large 55 & 86 inch display, the screen is easily visible even on the wide floor.

High Attention

A digital signage provider can help you to use digital to inform, entertain and educate customers.

Strategic Position

Our screens are installed on the strategic location where is easily visible to customers.

Dynamic Content Update

Digital signage is easy to control and can be modified quickly, allowing it to be incorporated into virtually any environment.

The Power of Video

Video amplifies your message in a way that static advertising can’t compete with.

Deliver Critical Information More Efficiently

In times of emergency, an existing digital signage network can be a lifesaver, providing critically important messages.

Value added

Creative Production

The creative department provides with end-to-end solutions for all advertising needs.

solutions range from pre-production process, which includes 2D, 3D animations, editing and creative works.

We are commited to providing high quality  suitable content and programme that is able to capture and maintain the attention of targetted audience.

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